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This course will certify individuals as PA State Inspection Mechanics. A Commonwealth of PA State Inspection certification card (MV439) will be issued by the PA Department of Transportation upon completion of this course.

PA Inspection Course - Dates, Times and Fees

$180.00 - Registration fee, includes tactile test in one category. (Manual included)

$60.00 - Each additional category or to add an additional category to a license. (Manual included) 

Class Dates and Times: Apr 27, 28, and 30 5:00-9:00 PM

*Class dates and times are subject to change

Category Only Date and Time - Apr 30 5:00 PM

Tactile Dates and Times will be determined by the instructor 

100% attendance-- MANDATORY 

Students are required to pick up a safety manual and MV409 form 1 week before class.  Students need to read 

the manual before the start of class.  

The MV409 form needs to be filled out and returned the first night of class.


Category 1 - Car/Light truck (All passenger cars and trucks up to 17,000 pounds GVW)

Category 2 - Motorcycle (Includes all motorcycles)

Category 3 - Heavy Truck (Includes trucks over 17,000 pounds GVW and trailers over 10,000 GVW)

Category 4 - Enhanced (Persons authorized to perform enhanced vehicle inspections)

Category 5 - Document review (Persons authorized to review title applications and supporting documentation)

Call 814-226-4391 ext.1 or CLICK HERE for Registration.   

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