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Sign Language - Dates, Times and Cost

Class Begins: TBD

Class Ends: TBD

Times: 6:00-8:00 P.M.

Length - 6 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday

Cost - $ 250.00 (Includes book)

Call 814-226-4391 opt. #1 or Click Here for Registration. 


This is a comprehensive course includes basic signs commonly used by the average Deaf population.  Particular concentration is to be placed on comprehensive communication between two or more persons using Sign language.  Both American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English concepts will be taught and the differences between the two will be discussed.

Deaf culture will also be discussed with highlights touching on the differences between the hearing world and that of the Deaf community.  Students will also be exposed to a few of the various assistive devices which aid in the Deaf person’s communication. 

Instruction will be given via the chosen book, as well as supplemental materials which will include, but is not limited to videos, handouts etc.